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Dyne Tackifier Adhesive

preventing lateral movement in carpet tiles

carpet tile adhesive

Dyne carpet tiles adhesive is specially formulated to prevent lateral movement in carpet tiles. It will enable the tiles to be lifted and changed around easily. Applied with either a paint roller and tray or a flat trowel to the whole area. The adhesive is white at first and then becomes clear, at that point you can lay the carpet tiles into it. Warning if you lay the tiles in wet adhesive the bond will be permanent. Fifteen litres will do approx 150 square metres and five litres 50 square metre, depending on how absorbent or smooth the floor is.

Dyne Tackifier Adhesive specifications

Coverage Fifteen litres will cover approx 150 square metres,
five litres 50 square metre (depending on how absorbent or smooth the floor is)


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Carpet tile tackifier

Carpet tile tackifier

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