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Lunar Shadows

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Scroll loop pile

Lunar Shadows specifications

Construction Scroll loop pile Dye Method Solution dyed Gauge Tufted 1/10” No. of Tufts ISO 1763 ± 208820/m2 Pile Fibre 100% Nylon (PA 6) Pile Weight ISO 8543 550 gr/m2 ± 5% Pile Height ISO 1766 3.0 mm ± 5% Primary Backing Non-Woven Tile Backing Polyflex Total Thickness ISO 1765 5,4 mm ± 5% Total Weight ISO 8543 4000 gr/m2 ± 7,5% Tile Size 50 50 cm (± 19.7” x 19.7”) Tiles Per Box 20 Use Classification Method en 1307 33 Castor Chair Test EN 985 A, continuous use Abrasion ISO 12951 pass Vettermann Test ISO 10361/EN 1471 pass Thermal Resistance ISO 8302 0.04 m2 K/W Dimensional Stability EN 986 pass Luxury/Comfort EN 1307 clase 1 Static Loading Anti-static Reaction to Fire EN ISO 11925-2
EN ISO 9239-1 Bfl - s1
Hot Metal Nut Test BS 4790 Low-radius Colour Fastness: Light ISO 105 B02 >5 Rubbing, dry ISO 105 X12 5.0 Rubbing, wet ISO 105 X12 5.0 Laying Directions Lay the tiles on a tackifier adhesive such as Dyne tackifier. Care should be taken when laying on a parquet floor that it has an adequate DPM.

Directional arrows are printed on the back of each tile. Best results are obtained when laid checkerboard.
Maintenance Best results are obtained when cleaned with a dry shampoo method.


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